Troy Donavan


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I’ve always had a very empathetic approach to working with others, and understand the prospect of finding a new home may seem fun and exciting for some, while others get anxious just thinking about it. My goal is to help ease any concerns you may have, taking the appropriate time and care to ensure your transition is as simple and seamless as possible!

I truly enjoy helping others. After a 15-year career specializing in building client relationships in the corporate world, it’s been a rewarding experience growing and developing a business of my own in the real estate industry, and I bring the gratitude and passion I have for what I do, to everything I do.

I have a wide range of hobbies and interests, and enjoy anything adventurous in nature. I love the creative arts, learning new things, singing and playing guitar, acting projects, and woodworking. I’m also a lifelong fitness enthusiast and have been involved in martial arts for most of my adult life (Brazilian Jiujitsu).  I’ve lived in the Fox Valley area since 2001, and have two kiddos who terrorize our home on a regular basis.

If you’d like to connect or have any questions, feel free to reach out!

I’d love to help you too 🙂